Hookah Sales
Surface Supplied Air or "hookah" units are the method of choice among professional divers. Now you can buy the same rig we use at FastBottoms to take with you cruising or to
use at the dock to dive your own boat.  You can check your anchor, clean your hull, replace a zinc or prop, recover a lost object or just enjoy the underwater flora and fauna.
The equipment shown here is high quality, reliable, quiet and provides safe, clean air for recreational or light commercial use.
All items meet OSHA and Grade-E breathing air specifications.
Notice: We no longer sell hookah gear to the general public.

These components are available in any combination or separately.
Call or e-mail us for more information, if you have any questions,
or if you'd like to make a purchase


The basic hookah consists of an
electric air compressor, 10' of heat dissipation hose, 40' of air hose and
a 2nd stage regulator.

Complete rig- $699.99


An option you may want to consider is the full face mask. It is constructed of silicone for durability and comfort. It accepts a standard regulator and eliminates the need for a mouth piece. Pro divers will tell you the excellent visibility and warmth mean greater productivity underwater.

New low price!- $109.99


The compressor is a 3/4 h.p. oil-less piston type capable of delivering
2.12 cfm @100 psi.
It draws 10.5 amps of 110/120 volt
60 Hz a.c. electricity and features a screw-on air filter and flow control valve.
The unit weighs appox. 20 lbs.
It will support one diver to 50'
or two divers to 30'.


The heat dissipation hose keeps the breathing air cool and comfortable. It features a quick disconnect for easy removal from the compressor.


The regulator is a Dacor 2nd stage demand regulator specially modified for use in low pressure applications. It comes with a 40" whip and a weight belt attachment strap.


The air hose is high quality, non-kink, mil-spec floating hose. An inline filter is included. Custom lengths and tandem setups are available.